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Warehousing/Cross Docking

Team Express Services has been providing warehousing services since 2005.  We  pride ourselves on solving delivery and warehouse problems for our customers.  We have helped our customers save money  and time by optimizing delivery routes and warehousing situations.  Communication is a top priority for Team Express Services and our customers appreciated.  Cross Docking is a method used by warehousing solution providers to reduce material handling to reduce warehousing cost for customers.  Cross Docking means that we handle customers products that come from one trailer and we cross dock to another to reduce the cost of storage for the customer.  We know the importance of cross dock which helps our customers to reduce cost and more, which is why cross docking is an important solution we offer.

Benefits of cross docking include:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced time from production of product to delivery to customer
  • Reduced need for warehouse space
  • Reduced of Inventory control

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